Growing food, building gardens, and educating to develop local food systems.
Growing Food

In Palm Beach County we have 200,000 people that go hungry each year. With the cost of food rising it is becoming hard to keep up feeding those who go without food on a daily basis. The best way to stretch food donations is to grow the food for the hungry. By sponsoring our farm you can help us get very important staples to our partners that directly feed those who need food in our community.

Building Gardens

Our local food system begins in our backyards, everybody needs to do their part and #GrowSomething. Most of the population in Palm Beach County is in a very urban area and real estate to grow food is hard to come by. The Farmer Jay Wood Shop is able to fabricate many variations of gardens to accommodate any special growing condition and after building hundreds of gardens the technique has been mastered for longterm results.


Farmer Jay's Jr Sprouts was developed and designed, starting with one class in 2010 to teach a group of Brownies and Girl Scouts in Boca Raton. Now seven years later there are 25 classes offered and over 4,500 kids have come through the program. With your help we can teach all the children in our community the lost art of growing food.

Donate To Build A Garden

Each school, church, or park is different with different size areas to plant. With your donation we can design, build, and install vegetable gardens. Gardens vary in price based on size, but $2,500 can allow us to install five 4'x8' Cedar Raised Beds including irrigation, soil, fertilizer, plants, and a class on how to plant. 

Education Donations 

Farmer Jay has total of 35 classes designed to teach kids and adults the basics to growing food. In Farmer Jay's Jr Sprouts each program is eight classes designed to teach and inspire elementary kids to grow food. You can sponsor single classes or an entire program at a school. Most of the classes are designed for smaller groups of 25, but we also offer In School Field Trips where class attendance can be over 100.