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Educational Outreach

The Jr. Sprouts program is a series of eight classes designed to introduce children from grades PreK – 5th to the lost art of sustainable agriculture. The program is designed to inspire children to want to learn more. Each class has incorporated lecture with vocabulary, examples, and activity to keep it informative, yet fun. Here is the current list of classes offered.
Classes are customizable and can be given individually or as a whole program. BOOK YOURS TODAY!!!!!
For pricing info contact Denia.farmerjay@gmailcom
Class 1:  Seeds
Students will explore different shapes and sizes of seeds and learn the different stages of germination with examples to observe. We will also learn the proper depth to plant seeds based on their size along with proper watering techniques to insure proper germination. At the end the students will have their own pot to plant to take home.
Class 2: Scouting for Insects
Students will explore the insect kingdom and learn about the good and bad bugs that are found in the garden. We will learn what to look for and how to tell if insects are eating our plants as well what they look like and where they hide. We will also learn to identify which bugs are good and which bugs of these bugs are poisonous and how to avoid being bit or stung. The students will get an opportunity to scout for insects in plants that are under attack.
Class 3: Plant Anatomy
Here the children will learn the different parts of the plant and what they do for the plant. Then we will explore different parts of the plant we eat and helpful ways to figure out how to identify them. Finally we will put together a snack including all six edible parts of the plants.
Class 4: Composting
Composting is the key to healthy plant growth and Mother Nature’s form or recycling. Here the students will learn about the soil food web and the decomposition process as well as look at examples of the different stages of compost. We will also take a look at how earthworms recycle and how important their job is in nature. Finishing up we will learn how to use compost and play a game with the soil food web.
Class 5: Photosynthesis and Plant Nutrition
Here we will recap the plant cycle tying together the plants life cycle and what exactly the plant is trying to accomplish. The students will learn about the nutrients plants get from the soil and give to us as well as the nutrients given to animals and how the nutrient potency degrades as it goes through the animal illustrating the importance eating our vegetables.
Class 6: Chickens and a Pig on the Farm
Students will learn about egg production on the farm and what “free range” means as well as get to meet some of the different varieties of chickens. On Farmer Jay’s farm chickens work together with Pearl (the pig) in preparing the land for growing vegetables, the children will explore this unique example and what exactly is going on.
Class 7: Where Food Comes From
Let’s take a good look at pizza and deconstruct the different ingredients and where they come from. Students will learn about wheat that made the dough, tomatoes that were grown for the sauce, milk that made the cheese, and how it is the soil that is the start of it all.
Class 8: Planting a Garden
The final class will bring together all the information and learn how to plant a garden as well as taking a look at different types of garden from other places around the world. This will also be the final class and the students will get a certificate and bracelet certifying them as “Jr. Farmers”.
Upon completion of these eight core classes the children are Certified Jr. Farmers and will receive certification.
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