Building Your Garden


We set up your gardens for success by providing you with everything you need.


  • Handcrafted Garden Designs


  • Custom Blended Organic Soil Mix


  • Automatic Irrigation


  • Weed Block Fabric


  • Chattahoochee Rock


  • Starter Plants and Seeds


  • Organic Fertilizer

Restaurant Gardens


We can customize your garden to fit the needs of your establishment, no matter what kind of food you serve.

Garden Installation Services

Home Gardens


Whether you have a small backyard or an apartment balcony, there is a garden design that will work for you. 


 We specialize in designing, building, and installing organic gardens that suit your needs.  Regardless of the size of the space or the extent of your experience, we believe that everyone should grow something!  Give us a call and set up a consultation to find out what is possible.  Bringing life, beauty, and fresh food into your home is only limited by our imaginations.

The food system begins in our backyards!

Everybody needs to do their part and